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Our Story

How it started, and how its going.

How it started.

Over 30 years ago, Kathy Ellensohn and Tim Fease founded Old Valley Nursery out of their own family farm. From humble beginnings, Kathy and Tim have grown Old Valley Nursery into the impressive seasonal operation that exists today. Specializing in perennials, they provide the nursery with artisanally crafted and hand-nurtured plants that beautify landscapes throughout all seasons. Their wholesale farm remains their passion, and with this focus they allow Old Valley Nursery to grow under new leadership. 


How it's going.

Greg Merideth and his family acquired the Old Valley Nursery (not the wholesale arm, but the retail side) in 2023 out of an abundance of love for this community, perennials, and the founders of Old Valley Nursery. With the express intention of continuing what Kathy and Tim started, Greg and his growing team have sought to maintain what has been established, while growing the business using modern strategies. Focused on community outreach, Greg has implemented a veteran's program to aid our troops, scholarships to enrich our youth, and a hospice donations program to help those in our area battling cancer. Sticking true to our roots and building our community is the sole focus, as we always say, "it's in the roots!".


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